Military Through the Ages – March 2000

Military Through The Ages (MTA) is an annual event held at Jamestown Settlement, just outside of Williamsburg, VA. This is a juried event, where participants can be judged in several categories including costuming, general camp, tactical display, and cooking. It is also a timeline event, where you can expect to see any period from ancient to modern. This was the First Regiment’s first time at this event. The ladies outdid themselves, bringing home a third place ribbon for cooking. Here are a few views of that event.

Marching Through Time – April 2000

Marching Through Time (MTT) is an annual event held at Marietta Mansion, in Glenn Dale, MD . There is no judging, just a lot of reenactors gathered to show their stuff to other reenactors and the public. Many groups consider this a “winding down from MTA” event. Always a good time, a great site, and very friendly and helpful organizers.

Fort Stanwyx – May 2000

Once again the Royal Regiment was garrisoned in the reconstructed fort in the middle of what is now the city of Rome, NY. In addition to an interesting demonstration of an attack upon and defense of the fort, several members of the First Regiment of Foot were trained in artillery drill by members of the Park Service.

Jumonville – May 2000

This event was hosted by The Associators of the French and Indian War. The site is on Braddock’s Road and Dunbar’s Camp on Top of Laurel Mountain in Uniontown, PA. It is a beautiful site surrounded by woods on top of the mountain. Nearby attractions include Braddock’s Grave, Fort Necessity, and Jumonville Glen. The weather this year was comfortably cool (for those of us forced to wear several layers of wool), and very foggy all day Saturday.

Fort Necessity – July 2000

Every year the park service sponsors a memorial encampment on the anniversary of the French attack on lieutenant colonel George Washington’s hastily-built fortification.