1998 – 1999

Colonial Williamsburg – December 1998

Prior to reorganizing the regiment as the light company a few of us got together for a holiday trip to Colonial Williamsburg.

Marching Through Time – April 1999

With only a few of our uniforms updated for Light Company duties, we made our way to Marietta Mansion for this multi-period event. At Marching Through Time you will see warriors, weapons and tactics from throughout history ranging from the Ancient Romans through World War Two.

“Battle of Prestonpans” at Fort Engagement – May 1999

By this time more of our custom-made, hand-sewn uniforms were complete. Much better equipped but short a few men we stepped back by over a century to help the Duke of Cumberland put down the rebellious army of “Bonnie Prince Charlie”. Fort Engagement is a beautiful privately-owned site in Milford, NY. Though the event was billed as “The Battle of Culloden”, there were actually two battles reenacted that weekend. Saturday was The Battle of Prestonpans.

“Culloden” at Fort Engagement – May 1999

… and Sunday was The Battle of Culloden.

Fort Stanwyx – May 1999

Back into our proper time period, we arrive at Fort Stanwyx in Rome, NY. Fort Stanwyx is a wooden fort that was rebuilt on its original foundations in the 1970’s. In a very rare move for the National Park Service, it is being kept as an active, working fort. For the living history encampment the soldiers were quartered in the barracks, stood guard, drilled on the parade ground, and in general lived and worked as we would have in the 18th century.

Fort Ticonderoga – June 1999

The battle for Fort Ticonderoga took place on the plain between the lake and the fort, and so you can’t actually see the fort itself. This is a very interesting historic stone fort.

Crown Point – August 1999

Crown Point is an interesting and very friendly historic site. In addition to the encampment, I have also included some photos of the fort ruins. For anyone interested in visiting the site, there are public campgrounds nearby.

Penn’s Colony – September 1999

The short description of Penn’s Colony is to compare it to a renaissance festival, with the variation of being set in the 1700’s, the North American colonial period rather than Renaissance Europe. If you’ve been to both a Renaissance Faire and an 18th century reenactment you might have some idea of what to expect. The festival included a well-developed plot including the Governor of Penn’s Colony, his manservant, a priest, and a travelling circus. As representatives of the crown, the Royal Regiment was not inconspicuous throughtout the festival weekend.

Colonial Days at Montpelier Mansion – October 1999

Montpelier Mansion is an historic site maintained by Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation. You’ll see some distant views of the mansion itself below. The mansion sits on 70 acres of park land (not quite the 9,000 acres orginally owned by Major Snowden, but still impressive) and quite worthy of a visit whether or not there is a reenactment in progress.

Colonial Williamsburg – December 1999

Once again we gathered together in Williamsburg.